The Czech Republic beat Greece to be included in the France squad for the Olympics

While they waited for Canada and a slew of NBA players, who staged a TQO in Victoria, or perhaps Greece, one of their best enemies of the past 20 years, the Blues, as the third-stage opponent of the Tokyo Olympics, inherited from the unexpected Czech Republic.

Deprived of double Giannis Anticonmo, who is gearing up to play in the NBA Final with Milwaukee, the Hellenic selection, under the guidance of Rick Pettino, didn’t weigh down, and couldn’t maintain the suspense against the most successful collegiate team he faces, on the night from Sunday to Monday. . The Greeks took the water in the first and third quarters (22-32, 11-31) and were eventually corrected (97-72), crushed on rebound (23-35), completely indifferent in defense (63% shot success for the Czechs). At the heart of this demo, which featured a good long-distance title (11/25), was Fenerbahce’s strong winger Jan Veseli (16 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 interceptions), perfectly supported by Patrick Ode (20 points) and Ondrej Palvin (14 points, 8 rebounds).


11 fights and 11 victories. This is the perfect record for the Blues against the Czech Republic in their history. The last defeat dates back to 1987, before the dissolution of Czechoslovakia (93-95, a friendly match in Bratislava)

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Thomas Satoransky, the providence man in the semi-finals with his decisive shot in overtime against Canada (103-101), did not need to play the champs (12 points and 3 assists), while the former French champion 2012 with Shalon Blake Shelp, author of 31 A unit in half, he was satisfied with 8 points. The Greeks, with no one passing 15 ratings (14 points for Georgios Papagianis, 12 for Konstantinos Metooglu, while leading duo Costas Slokas-Nick Calathis collected 8 out of 20 shootings, 6 stray bullets and showed a disastrous “+/-” all-24 ratio) When they were on Earth), for the third time in a row, she will miss the Olympics.

The Czech Republic, which joins the blues group with the United States and Iran, will appear there for the first time since the breakup of Czechoslovakia in 1992.


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