Courage snatches a draw against the Angers in the Saint-Etienne electric atmosphere

Green drew a draw against the Angers at the end of a Surreal evening on Friday. The sling of supporters, in fact, delayed the start of the match by an hour, fearing that it would be firmly canceled at some point. Despite this glowing environment, Claude Storm’s players started strong, pouring pressure on the anchors before kicking off. The SEO was stifled by continuous harassment for the first 25 minutes, but did not create opportunities. Stunned and in a dilemma, the Angevins resisted and were able to open the scoring against the course of the game when Troy, forgetting in the far corner, took the ball free kick (0-1, 28).

From there, the game was balanced because Gerald Patickel’s men were able to take the ball out easily. Also, if the red light reacted with a very dangerous free kick by Pouteboos (32nd) he spoiled a good situation with another free kick (43rd), which, despite the obvious advantage, led to the score again. In scenes (9-2). Failing in any way, Green started again with enthusiasm. But a dazzling counter of the Anchors knocked them out hours earlier. A long resumption from Bernardoni allowed Fulkini to sink to full axis, and after a relay from Cabot, Moufek got the upper hand due to an excellent ball catch. Hitting with a cross shot with the right foot (0-2, 56th).


It was already the third goal of the season for anchor defender Ismail Troy, who has already scored against Strasbourg and Nantes.


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