Hundreds of shooting stars burned in the sky

BerlinOn Friday night, hundreds of berserk shooting stars were burned in Germany. The German Meteorological Agency (DWD) meteorologist told Offenbach on Friday that conditions were good to see glowing meteor showers, especially on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic coast and in Reagan. There were no clouds at the beginning of the night. In eastern Bavaria, too, the view of the night sky was mostly clear. According to the Hamburg Planetarium, 100 shooting stars burned at an altitude of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour.

dpa / Ole Spata

Next to the Milky Way you can see Percussion’s shooting stars in the night sky.

In the big cities, however, the scene seemed much weaker. “The problem is light pollution,” said a spokesman for the planetarium. A foggy sky or even fog can overwhelm the star audience. “One cloud of light is enough – it’s over,” the spokesman said. The rising moon had a positive effect on East Germany between 10:30 pm and on West Germany between 10:50 pm. Thus the sky became darker.

Perseids, also known as the “Tears of Laurentius”, appear to come from the constellation Perseus, but they are a cloud of 109b / swift-dot cometary debris that plunges the Earth into orbit around the Sun each year. The comet was discovered in 1862 and takes 133 years to orbit the Sun. The next time will be visible from Earth in 2126. According to the planetarium, fragments of comets burning in the Earth’s atmosphere lose their orbit. Every August, the Earth passes through this cosmic debris, and cometary particles fall into the atmosphere.

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