Cold and Smartphone: Beware of Bad Surprises

Reading time: 1 minute

“NSien, I just went from 56% battery to 3%”, “My smartphone is draining when 47% is left and I haven’t used it, what happens?” »: Some users get an unpleasant surprise when they see their phones suddenly discharge during this period when temperatures drop. In fact, by leaving their phone for too long in the cold, the battery drains…more quickly. Even turn off the mobile phone in one fell swoop. Because ? Lithium batteries. Low temperatures cause the internal resistance of the battery to increase and the voltage to drop.

What do you do to avoid such a situation? If you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the cold, put your smartphone in your pocket where it can… tap into your body heat. Another tip: get a special wrap against the cold, very useful for those who work outdoors.

In the video below, find 10 tips to avoid hacking your smartphone:

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