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This is how her girls charm Grid

This is how her girls charm Grid


December 21, 2021 – 10:49 am hour

Little Christmas elves in green velvet

It wasn’t until December 19 that Princess Madeleine of Sweden, 39, traveled to their home country, Stockholm, with her husband Chris O’Neill, 47, and the three children from Florida. The Swedish people were very happy about it. Because after the youngest daughter of King Carl Gustaf (75) and Queen Silvia (77) immigrated to the United States three years ago, visits by the famous king’s daughter – especially due to the pandemic – are becoming rare. It’s even more beautiful now to see her again with her children. Especially her two daughters steal the show from her mother with ease.

Royale Christmas premiere in Sweden

On December 20, Madeleine and her family attended a press conference – a very special tradition in the Swedish royal family. Because students of the Forest School traditionally deliver Christmas trees to the royal family shortly before the festival. This year, Princess Madeleine welcomed them for the first time ever – the royal premiere!

On this occasion, the whole family – especially the children, who were distinguished in Christmas clothes: Prince Nicholas (6 years old) came to the tree parade in a red Christmas jacket. His sisters Leonor (7) and Adrien (3) appeared in the appearance of a cute Christmas elf made of pine green velvet. The trees were carefully checked with Mom and Dad, but the paparazzi in the yard were also checked from a safe distance. Because little Adrienne in particular is unlikely to be used on such informative dates.

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It’s a very special moment for little Adrienne

Princess Leonor (left) knows the cameras. This is clearly new for three-year-old Adrien.

© ddp images, Patrik C Österberg / Stella Pictures

Princess Madeleine’s children grow up very open to the world. One would like to say: Cosmopolitan! Only a few days ago, the Swedish Palace revealed that the three children have dual citizenship. They have Swedish through their mother and American through Papa Kris. Had it not been for the pandemic, they would certainly have traveled between the two countries more often. Last year, the family sadly had to celebrate Christmas away from their Swedish homeland – and thus also separately from the rest of the royal family. But in the summer they returned to Madeleine’s house.

At the press conference, it became clear again how Madeleine’s children grow up in the United States. Without cameras. This is exactly what her mother wanted for her, too. While six-year-old Nicholas cuddles close to his mother, you can still see little Adrien with a little bit of suspicion. No wonder: after all, she’s only three years old and has spent the past two years in the States, far from the hustle and bustle of the media.

One thing is clear in these photos: Princess Madeleine is very happy. To go home now. Spend Christmas with your family. And she has her own little Christmas elves near her. (vne)


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