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Alain Crisset, the ministerial representative in charge of SMEs, was the guest of honor at the French news conference on Monday morning. In the broadcast, the minister did not elaborate: the health pass will be introduced, or businesses will be closed.

When muttering against Health Pass And this Mandatory vaccination Caregivers are gaining momentum this Saturday with more than 200,000 anti-tax and anti-pass protesters across the country, with the government offering a layer. The message is clear: PASS has been introduced and its application will be used for correspondence in the relevant companies from August 9, or so Closing Confident.

This text has meaning Alain Crisset, Ministerial Representative for SMEs during a briefing in France this Monday morning. With a special message to restaurants.

“The condition of the job is that this pass exists, otherwise we will force them to close.”

“For 13 months now, I have been proposing that I have not had a week without meeting those in charge (…) We have regular contact. Here and there, there Restaurants Who can challenge this or that scale. But restaurant owners are first and foremost interested in this Health Pass. When they came to see us for a year, what did they ask us? ‘We want to work,’ they said and reopened. The condition of the work is that if this pass does not exist we will force them to close. We are on the same boat, in restaurants and in government. Everyone needs to understand that the health pass is their freedom to work. “.

ud83d udcac Health Boss: “This pass is a condition for restaurants to work, otherwise we will be forced to close. The health pass will give them the freedom to work,” said Minister SME spokesman Alain Crissett.

– franceinfo (rancefranceinfo) August 2, 2021


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