Neighbor takes $100,000 for revenge

Revenge is a dish that must be served cold, and that is certainly the case for an American woman who cannot stand her neighbor. The nine cars parked on the street, right in front of his house, sparked controversy. All the same owner who preferred to keep them on the street in front of the two houses rather than use his own driveway.

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Those cars stood there for weeks, just two in front of the woman’s exit. A major annoyance especially when he got back to his habit of not finding a suitable parking place. The story was reported on Reddit.

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Quarrel with the neighbor: the story

“My neighbors have nine cars parked in the street,” she said angrily. “They always park two of those cars in front of my house and don’t drive them all week. We have a neighborhood regulation that says not to leave a car parked for more than 48 hours in the same place.” Their driveway, which can accommodate up to four cars, is always empty. “They told me he didn’t like to leave the driveway with cars because it looked bad in taste. More than half of the cars don’t even use it.”

Revenge $100,000

However, he did not find his anger an outlet, let alone resolved. At the legal level, except for bylaws, there are no penalties. At that point I decided to take revenge in a different way. The resident noticed construction work on the back of her neighbor’s property. And here’s his chance. Inform them that they know they are working without proper permits.

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For several months nothing moved and she is convinced she made a hole in the water. After a year of surprise. “I noticed that my neighbors demolished the unauthorized part of the works last week – the woman said – in our area rumors spread about the presence of a city inspector who was in the area to make sure that everything was back to normal. The original. Based on the materials and manpower they used in building it, I think they wasted over $100,000.”

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