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Weather: Heat records are coming, these cities can break historical records, list

A record heat wave is comingAll that’s confirmed: The strongest heat wave of this first part of summer is about to arrive. And watch out because the temperatures will rise so high that historical records could be broken in some cities!

The reason must be sought in the composition of the particular atmosphere that will be created From Sunday 16 July And that he will accompany us at least throughout the next week. The map below clearly shows the new progression ofSubtropical high pressure: due to the origin of the air masses (from within the Sahara desert), in addition to the abundance of the sun, we expect a new appearance and Stronger increase in calorific values.Strengthening the fight against the African cyclone towards Italy Strengthening the fight against the African cyclone towards Italy temperatures will rise exponentially, with maximum peaks higher than 44-46 ° C (if not yet) in Sardinia And in the interior of Sicilyuntil 44 ° C in the center and south, with possible new heat records. Maximum temperatures are expected to be around 39-40°C in the Northern Plains, but here, however, we will also have to deal with the discomfort ofhardness. In addition to the intensity of the incoming air mass, it is also surprising thatAbnormal heat extensionfrom eastern Spain to Italy to the Balkans and Greece.

In short, let’s prepare: this time The heat will be really dangerous and there is a high risk that some historical temperature records will be broken; Below we report Maximum values ​​reached in Italian climatic history that can be overcome:

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Florence 42.6 °C

Rome 40.6 °C

Naples 40 degrees Celsius

Ancona 40.5 °C

Pescara 41 degrees Celsius

Barry 45 degrees Celsius

Syracuse 44.8 °C

Fujiya 45.5 ° C

We’ll see if anyone will be written A new page for the Italian climateSurely there is a scorching wave about to hit the entire country, and at least for the time being, there is no way out.


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