Afghanistan and British government mistakenly release names, emails and photos of 250 local translators: Taliban retaliation feared

The unorganized withdrawal of Western coalition forces fromAfghanistan, which ended on August 31, still bears some repercussions. And paying the consequences, once again, having had to accept the birth of a new government led by the Taliban, risks being from the civilian population. Related to the last case 250 local interpreters who during the past twenty years of conflict provided their services to British personnel and forces. For a mistake by the Ministry of Defense in London, in fact, their fault Names and contacts postedThis puts these people and their families, many of whom have not yet been evacuated from the country, at risk revenge by Students of the Holy QuranThe new masters of Afghanistan.

defense minister Ben WallaceHe was quick to apologize for what happened open an investigation To determine responsibilities, but it is not the first time that the safety of British collaborators has been at risk. In recent weeks, diplomatic staff fleeing Kabul left documents containing information about the communications of several potential local former collaborators at risk of retaliation in the vacated embassy building. Also, in that incident, an internal investigation was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The latter error, on the other hand, was announced, and potentially available to Islamic militiamen, through an email the email addresses of former collaborators in London. Among these, there are not only names associated with mailboxes, but also their names in some cases Avatars. Some of these are still hiding Acceptance Waiting for transfer to Great Britain To escape the Taliban’s revenge.

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