Tesla's CyberTruck comes with four electric motors

First Cybertruck, Truck “Pickup“From Tesla, They will be a version Four electric motors, As revealed by the company’s CEO on Twitter this Friday, Elon Musk, Explained that there will be independent steering on the front and rear axles of the vehicle.

Adding directional motion to the rear axle will allow the Cybertruck to shift diagonally, while the four-motor version will have one motor on each wheel of the vehicle.

Cyber ​​truck. Photo of Tesla

When asked by a Tesla user on Twitter about the inability to configure the Cybertruck motorization on the Tesla website, Musk replied, “Initial production will be with a four-motor variant, with an independent and high-speed torque control for each wheel”.

Musk later added that the vehicle “has a front and rear steering wheel, so it can roll horizontally like a crab, not like a tank” and that the company will provide additional information on production and pricing when Tesla presents its financial results for 2021.

Tesla’s CyberTruck is expected to begin production next year, although the plan has been delayed, allowing other manufacturers to begin selling electric pickup trucks.

Cyber ​​truck. Photo of Tesla

General Motors sells the Grab Hummer, which can be rolled up like a crab, and the Tank-like revision R1T R1T, which has wheels on one side and wheels on the other.

In October, Tesla removed specifications and pricing for the CyberTruck from its website.

With information from EFE

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