A snake falls from the sky and lands on her arm, a falcon swoops in and attacks both of them: a shock fight

She was mowing the lawn with her husband at their country house when something incredible happened to her: A snake He fell from the sky and wrapped himself around her arm. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, right after a falcon He lunges at her and begins to wrestle the snake, all on the arm.

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the stranger incident It happened last July 25th in Silsbee, ON Texas. The unfortunate hero is Peggy Jones, whose story caused a stir in the United States. And the woman herself told various local media, recalling those enthusiastic moments: «I was mowing the lawn, minding my own business, when out of the clear blue sky a snake fell on my arm. I thought a hawk was carrying it, because I wasn’t near a treeInterpretation of women. Her theory was proven correct moments later, when the bird of prey pounced on her. «As I was trying to chase away the snake, it wrapped itself around my arm and hit my face». Peggy Jones tried to scream for help, but her husband was across the property. To make matters worse, the hawk arrived and grabbed the snake coiled around his arm and pulled it as if to take it away: «He lifted my arm. The hawk was carrying my arms and the serpent.” The raptor did not immediately succeed in his intention, and tried to attack four times again, with the result that a bloody quarrel broke out in the midst of which the woman found herself against his will. .

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«There were cuts, punctures, cuts, abrasions, scratches and severe bruises»explained the woman, who was then rushed to the hospital, where she was given antibiotics, and because at first they weren’t sure if the snake was venomous or not, she stayed up all night watching her injuries. Two weeks later, Jones’ arm is still in a bandage and he said it’s not healing as quickly as he’d hoped, and that he can’t sleep because of the shock: As soon as he closes his eyes he relives that dramatic scene. .

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