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french president, Emmanuel MacronHe expressed Respecting the democratic choice He appealed to Italian voters “Continue to work together.” Former French Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said:“there France will be “interested” in “respecting” human rights and abortion in Italy after the victory of the post-fascist Giorgia Meloni party in the legislative elections.“.” It is clear that we will be vigilant, and together with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, to ensure that the values ​​of human rights and mutual respect, in particular respect for the right to abortion, are respected by all,” he told Bfm Tv.

Marine Le Pen and Victor Urban rejoiced at the center-right victory in Italy. But there are concerns in some European parties, from Germany to France to Spain. “Italy is a very friendly European country with very friendly European citizens and we expect this not to change,” said spokesman Olaf Schultz. Wolfgang Buchni.

“In times of uncertainty, populism grows and always ends in the same way, with catastrophe. They give simple, short-term answers to very complex problems. Their answer is always the same: let’s shut ourselves down and go back to the past” said the Spanish Foreign Minister: Juan Manuel Albarís, during a press conference in Spain, focused on the Italian vote. Alparis added that he “respects the legitimate outcome in Italy”, although in Spain, where he will vote next year, “he sees a very different situation.”

“We hope to have constructive cooperation with the Italian authorities, and now we are waiting for Italy to form the government in accordance with the procedures of its constitution,” the European Commission spokeswoman said. Eric Mamer.

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The leader of the National Rally wrote in a tweet, “The Italian people have decided to restore their destiny by electing a national and sovereign government. Marine Le Pen -. Bravi Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, for having resisted the anti-democratic and arrogant threats of the European Union, won this great victory. “

“Congratulations, the victory is well deserved.”; So the Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Urban, Intisar salutes Italian Brotherhood leader Giorgia Meloni, in a Facebook post accompanied by a photo of the two politicians together.

Viktor Orbán sent letters to Giorgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi “congratulating them on the election results”. “I look forward to our future cooperation to maintain peace in our countries and in Europe, revitalize the European economy and alleviate the energy crisis,” the Hungarian Prime Minister wrote. Palaz Urban, the Prime Minister’s political director, wrote on Twitter

From Russia to China

“We are ready to welcome any political force that can be more constructive in relations with Russia,” a Kremlin spokesman said. Dmitriy Peskov.

China and Italy “They are global strategic partners, and the sound and stable development of bilateral relations is in the interest of both parties: we hope that the new Italian government will continue to adhere to Positive and practical policy Towards China, cooperate with the Chinese side, uphold the spirit of mutual respect and trust,” says Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

China urges “relevant people in Italy” to recognize the “high sensitivity of the Taiwan issue”, and avoid sending “false signals” to separatist forces, adds and highlights criticism of Beijing in a written interview last week by leader Fratelli D. Italy, Giorgia Meloni, on firm policies toward Taipei. The “one China” principle, with Taiwan as an integral part, is “universally recognized” and is the “political basis behind those who decide to establish relations” with the People’s Republic of China.

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