Mbappé's heel, curled shot from Blues' jewelry Greissman

After a missed penalty from Karim Benzema, the French team took the lead in a preparation match against Wales on Wednesday. After his goal, Kylian Mbabane became a heel passer for Antoine Griezmann.

A little gem. Admittedly, Neko Williams’ red card (26th minute) was Welsh 10 per hand in the area. Of course, this is only a product competition for the France-Wales euro. But Kylian Mbabane and Antoine Griezmann showed their class in Nice at the Blues’ second goal this Wednesday.

With Grossman’s 36th goal Blues

Kylian Mbabane, who worked for Paul Pogba, started his teammate with a heel pass, after a penalty missed by Karim Benzema, the scorer for the French opener in the first period. F.C. The Barcelona striker, not really under pressure, had time to control and go back to his good foot to capture an amazing scoring shot.

A small gem to break the blues from the start of the second period (48th minute). This is the 36th record of Antoine Griezmann for the French team. The latter greeted his teammate Usman Tempel in Parsia near the bench of transgender people.

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