The habit we all should do at home to feel good (but few do!)

When we enter the house, what do we usually do with our shoes? Should we keep it or replace it? Here are the consequences.

The ruling comes from a group of Australian and American scientists from the Environmental Protection Authority in the state of Victoria Australia and Indiana University United States of AmericaAnd he is a jeweler:gross“This is the custom Keep your shoes at home Used for walking outside our house, such as on the street, in the park or in the office.

The study group is led by environmental chemists Mark Patrick And Gabriel FilippelliOver the past ten years or so, research has been conducted on… Contaminated materials present in the home, and collect samples of waste present in Dust brooms household and involve occupants who participated in the research to understand it Habits And lifestyles. The results are nothing short of surprising.

Research results and the danger of maintaining bad habits

In fact, the amounts of substances and pollutants that we bring into the home, especially through our shoes, are particularly large, and likely much greater than generally thought. And they are not limited to that soilleftovers organic From leaves, grass or bacteria My fecesBut also agents dangerous And Harmful.

The study was conducted on 35 countries on

the Pathogens The results were tracked and then analyzed by researchers Resistant to antibioticsSuch as Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile, Toxins Carcinogenic Coming from asphalt and substances that can interfere with the human endocrine system, calledEndocrine disruptor“, comes mainly from chemical products used in garden care.

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And not only that: minerals such asArsenicthe Cadmium And the Drivingpotentially toxic, as well as in materials Radioactive, Small plastic And perfluoroacrylic acids, which are commonly called… PFASresponsible for the origin and beginning of many Diseases Even serious. In particular, these substances are found among workers in industrial occupations, such as factories Iron workerscompanies Textiles Companies specialized in production Paints And material Chemical.

It’s all under the soles of our shoes, boots, ankle boots and sandals. The phenomenon has no borders: because the research was conducted in homes spread all over the world 35 countries The differences detected are almost negligible. For these reasons, adopt this habit Remove your shoes at the entrance Home is especially important, and it is even better if it is followed carefully rub Outside the house even before entering.


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