VIDEO France has amazing talent: Hélène Ségara uses her golden bell, netizens are mixed

France has something incredible It resumed on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 for its 16th season. And after performing taekwondo, Helen Segara decided to use her golden whistle. Option divides Internet users.

France has something incredible This year it returns for its sixteenth season. The juror did not expect that there would be many candidates.We had 30 more candidates than last year and that’s nothing. There was more wealth in numbers. It creates comfort in emotional numbers and those we call WTF. for all audiences”, Helen Segara said.

“Every year we wonder how the teams will be able to surpass themselves and there we have had successes. There is more professionalism. In addition, there are two innovative works in the field of circus“, Eric Antoine added during the press conference held on September 20.

On this first day of testing, We find in particular a group representing the World Taekwondo Federation. The team, who hails from Korea and France, performed a taekwondo, one of the Korean martial arts. Among the members, are some athletes who have participated in international and national tournaments. So the level is very high.

“I want to be yours”

And Helen Segara noticed it well. “When I was a kid, I dreamed of practicing martial arts and my parents didn’t have enough money for it. Everything I saw tonight amazed me, You are my dream and I want to be yours, The singer hangs before using the golden bell. A decision that pleases the candidates, of course.

But netizens are mixed about this choice. The golden bell is more than it deserves! “ , “I am as happy as if I won the PTDR”, “A real great talent who deserves the golden bell”, “golden bell? but when? Well, at least not dancing“,” Golden bell shit… “,” Is this a joke “,” Is this golden bell for that? “,” O copy machines! The golden bell is like in the USA… so it can be expected” We can read on Twitter. We can’t always make people happy!

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