10 Perfect Couples 5: Did singles win the adventure?

The “10 Perfect Pairs 5” adventure ended on Friday 25 March 2022. After nearly three months, have the solo adventures won €200,000 by finding the 10 perfect matches? Answer with Télé Star.

The adventure for the “10 Perfect Pairs 5” individuals is over. After nearly three months of adventure, they experienced Final concert With Elsa Fayer on Friday 25 March 2022. A moment of emotion for all the residents of the villa who had been hoping to find the perfect 10 matches and thus win the €200,000 prize pool. But did they succeed? Well that’s right! Contrary to all expectations, the last of the candidates present in the adventure managed to find the perfect 10 matches. It’s an achievement when you know that they only discovered four complete matches since the beginning of the adventure: thatAbou et Dorsaf, Virginia and NicoloAnd the Tom and Lily And the Chains and Trilio.

It should be remembered that thanks in large part to Anthony, the strategy made a lot of progress in the last week of play. Thanks to the return of Virginie and Nicolo and the help of the love room, the bachelors were able to get to know each other more and make the right choices. A great strategist, Roman’s companion went back in time to remember all the associations and thus make the right conclusions. He soon realized that he was already a perfect match for his lover, and thus neither Ahmed, Anissa, nor Charlotte, and Giovanni were a perfect match. “And BOOM, 10 rays! So guys, who’s the boss?” Anthony said at the closing ceremony.

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Two singles empty-handed

Note that the candidates from the “10 perfect 5 pairs” left approximately 50,000 euros less in the cat. After several warnings, they have already lost a significant amount. But that was without relying on Jordan. Called in the box of love, choseCancel the penultimate party and thus recover the initial amount of the cat. Only two single people will be able to benefit from it: Lola and Danny. Having lost to the alter ego Chinys and Ahmed, they are left venturing out without love and without cash.

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