Maeva Ghennam accusée d’avoir menti sur sa prétendue blessure, les internautes scandalisés !

A video clip in which Maifa Ghannam appeared with a bandage on her chin spread on social media. The beautiful brunette had already announced to her fans that she had been injured after a bad fall. However, this version was very quickly rejected by netizens after the evidence was revealed.

It looks like plastic surgery has hit again at Maeva Ghennam. Former Greg Yegga has already been accused of carrying out a new operation in secret when it was not necessary at all. In order to silence critics specifically on this issue, she decided not to say anything to her fans. Instead, a beautiful brunette declared that this bandage on her chin was due to a bad fall. Only, it was without relying on the foresight of netizens who quickly discovered the pink pole. And so many of them cried foully.

Maeva Ghanam exposed?

Netizens did not hide their discontent with Maifa Ghannam’s alleged lies. Pictures with the same bandages on her hips have already been circulated on social networks. This is more than enough to prove that she lied about this injury because it was clearly fat injections. for some people, They had removed the fat from her chin and injected it into her hip. Others have been more outspoken in their demand to stop denying the obvious.

Maifa Ghannam has not yet come forward to respond to all the criticism she has received. However, knowing frankly that she certainly won’t take long to defend herself against her critics. A moment we have been waiting for with the greatest impatience.

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