When will the fifth Shrek movie be released?

One of the most beloved epic stories in modern animation is without a doubt Shrek. With four films, my show focused on Puss in Boots, and nearly a dozen short films, Ghoul Dreamworks has won the love of a huge number of fans who have grown up with his adventures.

In fact, Shrek 5 has been popular on social media for several days with fans wondering what will happen next. A fifth batch has been confirmed in principle but no official news about it… for years.

In 2014, the studio confirmed that there would be a fifth film in the franchise and two years later Eddie Murphy, who voiced Burrow in the original version, confirmed to Collider in an interview that he had read the script and that it was “very good.”

Although a release date has yet to be announced, initial estimates have indicated that 2019 or 2020 are the likely years in which the film could hit theaters.

However, these years were completely overcome, and to this day, not only the film has not been released, but there is also no news about work on it.

Among the possible reasons for the film’s infinite delay is the fact that the studio has been working on other titles such as Stories of How to Train Your Dragon, The Croods or A Boss in Diapers, the latter’s sharing with Michael McCullers. As a screenwriter for Shrek’s future installment.

Despite the fact that the studio’s agenda has been dwindling little by little, there is still no confirmed news about the new film. The last release date evaluated by Fandom is September 30, 2022, although the film is likely to be delayed for at least another year as the pandemic spreads.

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As for the argument for the next installment, little has been revealed since then that he will once again have the presence of Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots, although Fiona is up in the air, since Cameron Díaz, the actress who gave life to him in the rest of the saga, He left acting in 2014.

It was also pointed out that the new film aims to reinvent the franchise by serving as a kind of sequel and at the same time a reboot capable of making way for a new stage within the saga. The saga, with its four previous installments and sequels, grossed more than $3,500 million in theaters.


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