Two red cards and three penalties conceded, Lask moves from Europe

Two deductions, three penalties, a total of defeat Mastiffs … On Sunday afternoon, Losc Troyes side scuttled in big widths (3-0 defeat) and officially said goodbye to its last hope of qualifying for a European Cup. For its part, Estac has now come a little closer to maintaining Saint-Etienne, with a five-point lead three days from the 18th.

With the tension, the Mastiffs broke up at Abe Stadium, and in line with their disappointing season, their values ​​of solidarity evaporated quite strongly during their coronation last year. Signs of the end of the upcoming cycle, executives Renato Sanchez and Brooke Yilmas were ousted.

A tenth place is a stain

The Portuguese received two warnings in the first few seconds (50th), one for mocking the referee and then the Trojan player (68th) for receiving a direct red card for a direct attack. Their teammates don’t have to be very smart. They achieved the record of conceding three consecutive penalties, all of which were replaced by Florent Tordue (43rd, 86th) and Ike Ukpo (55th).

This new setback for Lilly marks the tenth of the season, the end of the cycle for a team that has finished in the top 4 for the past three years. In the three days since the end of the season, Lask are in a disappointing tenth place with 51 points, six lengths from where they could have been for the regular Europa League conference. The fall was terrible for the team that qualified brilliantly last fall for the knockout rounds of the Champions League.


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