“Come home Zelassie.”  “Old Stalinist”.  Storm over the anti-Ukrainian cartoon Vauro

pencil Fauro Does it work with ink or poison? The question arises almost automatically, especially after watching the cartoon that the artist devoted the last few hours to Zelensky’s visit to the United States. Without the need for too many explanations, drawing lets the thought shine through Anti Atlantean The author, who has made no secret of his skepticism about American action in Ukraine. The meeting at the White House, which ended with the US committing to renewing its armed support, was summed up by Fauro with an eloquent caricature: Zelensky’s picture as little dog.

Vauro cartoon

In the drawing by the cartoonist, who had already irreverently interjected on the subject in the past, Ukraine’s president wags his tail on his return from Washington. Patriot missile between the jaws. Referring to the fact that the US has announced a new $1.85 billion arms package in favor of Kiev. PatriotsIt will greatly strengthen us Air Defense… I really want to win together. Sorry but I just don’t want it, I sure doIn a re-reading of current events, Zelensky said during a press conference at the White House, the president was represented as a kind of pet “trained” by the United States.


Back from the United States. back to home ZelasieHe reads Vauro’s pun to complete the cartoon. It’s even superfluous to explain the sarcastic reference to the popular American TV show starring the dog Rough Collie. Not everyone liked the cartoonist’s satire of Pistoia, and in fact, many criticized it harshly among the harshest judgments. expressed by the professor on social networks Vittorio Emmanuele BarsiProfessor of International Relations and Strategic Studies at the Catholic University of Milan. “We need more respect for those who spend the winter under Russian missiles. Also from junk Old StalinismHe attacked the teacher, tearing Vauro’s ideological sanctity to shreds.

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And in the comments someone also discovered other aspects of the designer’s challenge. “In disgust, I would point out the large nose, worthy of the Nazi charges on the Jews. ObscenePolitical analyst books Lorenzo Pregliasco, referring to a caricature of the Ukrainian president. In a later video, Vauro expressed his bewilderment about American support for Kiev more explicitly. “But is anyone really convinced that Washington is spending more than $40 billion on armaments because the US administration cares about Ukraine’s borders or Ukrainian democracy? Does anyone really believe this?‘ asked the cartoonist, in a distinctly polemical tone.


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