Controversy continues over the racist youth video – News

A video showing “righteous” German youth chanting xenophobic slogans to disco music during a party continues to spark controversy.

The truth points to the “normalization” of far-right content taking place in Germany, says the director of the Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Strategy (SIMAS), which investigates tendencies towards extremism and “conspiracy narratives” online, as reported by the German news agency DPA. “Social norms are simply broken without any form of contradiction,” says CIMAS co-director Pia Lamberti. He asserts: “People can chant extremist slogans in public places without fear.”

The racist incident took place on Pentecost Day, outside an elegant restaurant on the island of Sylt, the island of Capri on the North Sea: In the video, which lasts only a few seconds, the young people can be heard singing “Germany for the Germans, for the foreigners out.” ” to the tune of the song “L'amour toujours” by Gigi D'Agostino. In recent months, there have been other cases of Nazi slogans being chanted to the tune of the song, for example in Bavaria and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the German news agency reports.

Lamberti says that the song “L'amour toujours” is increasingly associated with racist slogans, “and this also has some effect on minds.” This is how right-wing extremists create acceptance of such slogans in society as a whole, the expert warns, noting that “right-wing extremism is not a problem that exists only in eastern Germany or among low-income people, but also among the upper classes.” Classes.” Lamberti stressed that “racism also comes from people who studied at university or who hold administrative positions.”

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D'Agostino: My song was a love song

When asked about the scandal that arose in Germany due to a video clip showing wealthy young people singing a xenophobic slogan evoking Nazism in a club on the island of Sylt, DJ, record producer and radio host Gigi D'Agostino emphasized that his compositions did not have any political and social implications and only talked about love. .

“My song “L'amour toujours” talks about a wonderful, big, intense feeling that unites people. The power of love is what makes me fly,” the artist said, according to what was reported by the German DPA agency, stressing that it is the joy of love that makes me fly. Being together is also key to the song.

All the love that his song talks about cannot be summed up in a few moments or in a day, a month or a year, the agency sums up, adding that D'Agostino named the song “L'amour toujours” for precisely this reason – that is. “L'amore semper”: “This is the only meaning of my song,” says D’Agostino, who in his statement did not speak about the episode in Germany and confirmed that he was not present on social media.

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