Gérard Depardieu and Vincent Perez: This actress had two children

At 73, Grard Depardieu Lived a thousand lives! The actor we recently discovered from Dubai had many love stories, not just Russian. For example, he was in a relationship with Kareen Silla. Then she fell into the hands of Vincent Perez.

In 1992, Gérard Depardieu divorced his first wife Élisabeth Guignot, his two children Guillaume and Julie; Divorce will not be legalized until 2006! In the same year, the actor of the movies Goat, Cyrano de Bergerac, Caesar against Asterix and Ophilix Or Mikret, Becomes the father of a little girl named Roxanne again. The baby born from his brief love affair with actress, director, screenwriter and writer Karen Silla. Born in Docker, Senegal, he is best known for his role in the popular 1990s series. Les Cartiers, Judge and Police.

Interviewed for the press She In 2007, he returned to their short love story: “We met in New York and I followed him to Paris, where I found that he was a little less separated than he had said (…) Gerrard was completely immersed in his feelings. He was torn between my wife and me at the age of 25 (…) According to him, it was inhumane to leave a woman he had spent thirty years with and had two children with.

Kareen Silla became their daughter Roxanne in her first film A butterfly kiss However, in 2011, his complicated love affair with Gerard Depardieu worsened the period in which he lived. “I suffered from things that were not said. Corridor noise. Elizabeth, for whom I am most tender, because I can understand her grief, has long expressed the opinion that Roxanne is not Gerrard’s daughter. (…) I think, for Elizabeth, it was easy to refuse. But I have been in pain for a long time“, She added.

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Roxane Depardieu is actually recognized by Gérard as a civilian. The young woman, who graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, is an artist who has already exhibited. In 2016, he presented Mr. Otto Noslang to Catherine Howard at the gallery. That same year, he also revealed that he was a lesbian and in a relationship.

From the end of her story with the legendary actor, Karen Silla fell in love again with her father of three children, Vincent Perez: Iman (born May 2, 1999) and twins Pablo and Des (born 2003).


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