Years later, tourists and very anxious citizens reappeared on these shores

Tourists and citizens were silent about a species that reappeared on these beaches two years later. Here’s what got everyone worried.

They have reappeared on these shores –

with arrivalsummer There are many people who spend their time on the beach and the most sought after are the vacation destinations that many go to.

There is a dream site for everyone but due to the species, the beautiful place may become off-limits.

And they reappeared on the beaches after two years, which caused concern among tourists and citizens

In the collective imagination, when we talk about the beach and the clear blue sea, the Caribbean Sea.

And here she is, a Cancun in mexico, Overlooking Caribbean Seaof interest to tourists and citizens.

Although it is one of the most famous and most sought-after destinations across the country mexico, There was a phenomenon that had not happened for two years.

The reason for this is due to global warming and how it affects entire ecosystems.

Tourists and citizens were worried when they saw her again after two years on the beaches
Cancun, Mexico –

In this way, biodiversity tends to change and behave in an anomalous manner compared to the past.

Indeed, scientists sometimes fail to provide explanations for some phenomena related to planet.

the Caribbean It is among the most beautiful destinations ever because of the most amazing seas found in this vast region of The Americas.

Sargasso invasion

In the Peninsula affiliate yucatan, We find Cancun A destination that is very rich in tourists but has recently been experiencing serious problems.

These are caused by the presence of floating algae belonging to a class Pheovisia name of the thing Sargasso It reaches several metres.

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The extension of these algae is called Sargassum Great Atlantic Belt And it causes many problems.

One of these factors is the inaccessibility of some areas of the beach and its removal requires high costs.

Over time, the Sargasso It tends to rot and emits an unpleasant odor similar to that of sulfuric acid.

Tourists and citizens were worried when they saw her again after two years on the beaches
Sargasso –

Although it is typical for these regions, climate change appears to have increased its prevalence.

This can have a strong impact on the marine ecosystem as well as tourism in this region.

With Sargasso present, it was Coral reefs They will not receive the solar radiation that they should have ended up inOcean.

Moreover, their class, by building a barrier between the shore and the sea, would prevent turtle The children swim in the water, which causes them to die on the beach.

Among other consequences, there is also the risk that, since this algae has not been removed, the areas will not be suitable for bathing.

As a result, the affected beaches will not be accessible and tourism will decline, causing damage to the economy village.

For all these reasons, you are looking for a way to prevent Sargasso It increases and you think how to remove it.

An infestation of these algae had not been seen for two years and it was thought that their presence was now limited.


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