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“Air conditioning makes you fat”: This was revealed by a Spanish study conducted by the Istituto de la Grasa. the reason? “The cold makes us hungry – Explanation of researcher Javier Sanchez Perona A El Pais -. The relationship between temperature and appetite has been scientifically proven: the higher the temperature, the lower the appetite. If we live with air conditioners, we will eat more and become fat.” Perona, as reported by the newspaper messenger, He also told a personal anecdote: the first time he arrived in Seville, several years ago, he noticed how thin he was. At that time it was almost as hot as it is today. The only difference was that there were fewer air conditioners in the homes. Today, however, everyone has one and in the meantime the city has the highest obesity rate in Spain.

In general, in the heat you have less desire to eat fatty foods or overly processed foods, which helps to avoid weight gain. Why does this happen? Because humans are house warmers like all other mammals, so they have the ability to Regulating metabolism To maintain a constant body temperature, regardless of the environment. Nothing new anyway. Some time ago in the United States, some research actually showed that at 35 degrees, 10 percent less was eaten than at 24.

However, the causes of obesity are many: fast food, refined and processed foods, Sedentary lifestyle. And not only. There is also smoking cessation, which almost always leads to weight gain, and increased consumption of antidepressants, antihistamines and contraceptives. Now it seems that air conditioners should be added to this list as well.

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