How Laura Smit found the solution to forgetting her complexes

It is in columns Madame Figaro, which was captured by Laura named in particular in one of her largest complexes. “I’ve always had a very healthy relationship with my body, and I keep being kind to myself”, admitted. “On the other hand, for a long time I was conscious of my teeth and my smile, until an expert conjured fate by telling me: ‘A beautiful smile is a sincere smile.

Young mother continued She spoke of a time when she “realized that the dictates of beauty were born at a young age, in school. The girls in my class were telling me: ‘You have to be like this or that…’ I, who was so easy to be influenced, took a long time to understand.” It is enough to be yourself to be beautiful.”, did she say.

But she found out today. From now on “when her husband”, Seen by Raphael Lancre-Laval and his son “The impression that you are Gisele Bundchen!”, I had fun.

The French actress and director also agreed to talk about her new life on Cap Ferret: “I chose to walk away from Paris and lie to it because I couldn’t stand the acting – which somehow the star system requires. What matters to me, to be right. Living in Cap Vert rejuvenates me, I pass on my love for nature to my son and I have met real people there.”

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