Ricky Harris: Accompanying Ibn Malik to the Economic and Social Council

Ricky Harris
Accompanying Ibn Malik to the Economic and Social Council

Ricky Harris (left) will support his son Malik at the Economic and Social Council.

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Malik Harris will represent Germany in the ESC Final on May 14. His father, Ricky Harris, will accompany him to Turin.

Malik Harris (24) won the preliminary round of German ESC at the beginning of March and will reach the final in Turin with his song “Rockstars”. As in the preliminary round, he has his father, broker Ricky Harris (59), by his side. they both have In an interview with the newspaper “Bild” Betray. “Obviously, I’m going to see Malik in Turin,” explains Ricky Harris.

He likes to accompany his son Malik “as long as he wants me to be there for shows”. Ricky Harris is “something like his father’s manager,” the 59-year-old adds. The mediator believes that “it is important for a father to support his son and know that I am always there for him.” Harris is proud of Malik: “Malik has already won the ESC title for me, he’s my superstar.” The placement “wouldn’t make him more or less proud.” Ricky Harris “I really believe in Malik and it will go a long way.” “But even if my son doesn’t get any points, he will still be the winner!”

Malik Harris is going to Turin at the beginning of May

Malik Harris will be in Turin with his team from May 4 – ten days before the final. He recently revealed this in an interview with Spot on news. There then he had “a few days to practice”. “Until then, we’ll be working on production, which I’m really looking forward to,” he said. The 24-year-old “played his ‘Rockstars’ often enough to be relatively sure I could master it.”

Because of the epidemic, the singer has to take certain measures: “especially audition, audition, audition,” he said immediately on the news. “The good thing is that I’ll be alone on stage, so at least the safety distance shouldn’t be a big deal.”

40 countries will participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The competition begins on May 10 with the semi-finals, followed by the Grand Final on May 14.


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