Mads Mikkelsen podría ser el villano en la quinta entrega de

Indiana Jones It is one of the most popular movie series of all time, owing to the huge success it had during the 80’s at the hands of highly acclaimed celebrities. George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars series.

Now, having joined the cast headed by Harrison Ford, Danish actor Mads MikkelsenThe actor gave his first reaction to the production of the fifth installment of Indiana Jones, shortly after the premiere Fantastic Beasts 3Where he took the place of Johnny Depp.

In an interview with The Hollywood ReporterAnd Michelson recounted it Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) It was one of his favorite films and the new production embodies a lot of what has been done over 40 years ago.

(The original Indiana Jones movie) captures that golden period of the ’90s series. 1940and that’s in the fifth movie as well,” Mikkelsen said.They often go back to the first two movies and get that original feel, and dew Original, somewhat intense and epic“, he added.

For the role you have Michelson As part of the tape, it was not accurately identified, since no further details were disclosed. However, the same THR He adds that he could be the villain in the movie.

this time James Mangoldacclaimed manager Ford vs Ferrari, holds the position of director of the film, previously held by Steven Spielberg, the film’s executive producer. And although the trend is changing, the actor thinks it looks likeThe Spielberg movie, though apparently James makes it with the same vision“.

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As for his dealings with the leading man, Harrison Ford, Mikkelsen reveals that it is the first time he has worked with him and confirms that “He is an incredibly strong person Not just as an actor but physically.”.

I remember the first day we were shooting, it was a night shooting, then we stopped at 5am, then he got on his mountain bike and rode his bike for 50km. Harrison is a beast of a man and a very nice beast.reaction.

Mads played roles in Star Wars, Marvel, Fantastic Beasts and now Indiana Jones, has already become a favorite with many audiences for his constant appearances in cult epics. However, Mikkelsen could have a new project in his native Denmark, as he is not afraid to go back to his origins despite being in Hollywood and even in 2021 his movie, another roundIt won the Academy Award for Best International Film.



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