With that question the tension increased – and the drama ran its course. Olivia Peters arrives at the chair “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” At Günther Jauch Monday evening, she broke a sweat when asked about football.

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She writes columns about her dating experience with men, talks a lot about her dog Oscar – and with Günther Jauch really stumbles on the € 500 question. Olivia Peters, it quickly became evident on Monday night on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? You don’t watch football much. More than that: the woman from Karlsruhe is not familiar with the term “table”. “There are lists for football,” said the RTL candidate in the fog when she thinks out loud about her question and Gauch replied, “It’s called a table.”

The question is posed as follows: “As a ‘service provider’, do you refer to weak football clubs in industrial terms?

Not just ardent soccer fans and diligent tactical foxes should quickly be tempted to answer a), the points provider, when answering this question. Not so Miss Peters, who thinks back and forth and lets that question play on the wall. In the end, however, the result: it scores in Answer a).

“I would like to apologize for the delay,” Gunther Josh jokes, referring to the long time it took Olivia Peters to respond. He moderately repeats other possible answers “stripping dealer”, “delivery check” and “diamond buyer” and wishing the audience with a big smile “toi toi toi for you in home” before the commercial break. In fact, the candidate was not influenced at all by many observers – and they let their discontent circulate freely on Twitter. “Unsympathetic” is one of the most innocuous qualities that Olivia Peters gives in the comments.

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A second-tier football team is also participating. Karlsruher SC’s official Twitter account shows a screenshot of the RTL scene and writes: “Understandably, a Karlsruhe woman has difficulty with such a question, right?”

Gunter Gauch makes fun of the candidate

When Günther Jauch resolved the matter, he chose a genre and sounded “You are just a point resource” through the studio noting that this is a popular chorus amongst German fan scenes. The mediator does not stop joking at the candidate’s expense and asks sarcastically, “How much money should I give you for the time delay?”

When the 64-year-old finally asked how many points a team received to win a soccer ball, Olivia Peters looked at the tube again and answered with just “enough”. Ultimately, however, the contest program was not enough for her. With loads of noise and energetic support from all the Jokers, she was able to pull off her final € 8,000 gain. “That was not the plan,” she says, adding, “I wanted to take a year off.” The fact that the European Football Championship starts at around three weeks has nothing to do with this plan.


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