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broadcast platform, Netflix He was very interested in AdeleAnd she would be willing to pay millions of pounds to start producing a documentary about the British singer. In this note we tell you all the details.

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Netflix Strive to be present in their own Adele’s upcoming concerts, whose tickets are already sold out despite the fact that she will keep them July next year, as indicated by the web portal .

Adele is the most wanted woman right now and Netflix thinks she can really create something Especially with her. He’s reached out to his cast about a potential multi-million dollar movie that will track his comeback and big performances next July.”announced A source for the British broker.

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It should be noted that, The company has extensive experience in this type of production, and some of them Taylor Swift “Miss Americana” and “Homecoming: A Beyoncé Movie” as well as “In Wonder” by Shawn Mendes.

In the case of making a documentary, Adele will have all creative freedom and complete control over the film. In addition, the documentary will reflect on Redeem World Tour For the singer who cannot be executed due to the pandemic at the moment.

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If the agreement between Netflix y Adele, the platform will achieve another success with this documentary, which will be added to others of this genre already created with artists of great musical volume, who have received A figure that amounts to several million dollars for access to photography.

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