Mark Terenzi gave her mother a warm idea

Jenny Elvers once called herself “The Queen Mother of Lauder.”Build: Imago Pictures / Imago Pictures

They are the ultimate hot couple: Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi are in new love. The “picture” She mentioned – quoting from the environment of the two – a kind of “love flash” while filming “Club Der Gut Mode”.

The couple revealed in an interview that this isn’t quite the case “RTL”.

Found but not searched

Apparently, the couple have known each other for a long time. To be precise: almost 6 years ago. Since then they are said to have maintained a friendly relationship – which now grows under palm trees in Thailand. “We found each other, but we weren’t looking for each other,” the singer explains.

During the filming of “The Good Mood Club”, the broadcaster Sat.1 threw ten stars into a pile in a dreamlike place. This concept is supposed to remind us of a club vacation – and celebrities should try and play funny games to stay with them as long as possible.

Elvers’ mother already has plans

The actress explained that after returning from Thailand, the couple had to “see how things are in Germany first.” It was very important to Jenny that they could do this without the public eye for as long as possible.

According to Jenny, the two’s families believe the relationship is perfectly fine. “After my son my mother found out. She told me:”Doesn’t it even take off? That would be great for the next family celebration”said the 49-year-old.

Planning to move together

Mark has only recently been officially single again. At the beginning of March, he confirmed the separation from his girlfriend, Vivian. In general, the two have been a couple for three years.

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He has a long term relationship with Jenny. 49-year-old Jenny Elvers lives in Berlin, while Mark Terenzi, six years younger, lives in Lüneburg – for now. According to the newspaper “Bild”, Elvers and Trinzi are now Even already they are looking for a place to stay together.

Although planning ahead, it is important to enjoy your relationship here and now: “I am happy, you are happy. I live here and now. I have no idea what will happen in two or three years. It’s just what it is now and feels good and satisfied.”



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