On Monday, David Margueritte provided an overview of the key issues and priorities for this new academic year for the Cotentin Agglomeration.

Back to school which is part of the sustainable development goal Especially with the implementation of the new public transport offer since August 30 with the Cap Cotentin network.

In a few days, a national campaign will be launched to attract the Cotentin district of Paris. Agglo will also, in a few weeks, launch a public system reform to help local businesses obtain public contracts or even a ‘dental chair’ operation that will encourage students to come to practice at Cotentin during their last two years of study. The goal is for young dentists to stay in the area afterwards.

But one of the biggest projects will be the new management of household waste.

Agglo du Cotentin will initiate a zero waste policy.

“Today, residents recycle 41% of their waste. By the end of the mandate, we should reach 50%,” David Margaret announces. Each inhabitant produces 259 kilograms of household waste annually, while similar conglomerates such as Grand Besançon have fallen to 148 kilograms.

So the yellow container should be better filled and that is why selective sorting should be increased.

Every resident of Cotentin will be less than 15 minutes from the waste reception centre, says head of Agglo du Cotentin

“So the sorting centers will be modernized to recycle more waste,” David Margaret identifies.

Voluntary supply points will be developed and waste reception centers will be more accessible, particularly in terms of schedules from the beginning of 2022. Residents will also be encouraged to use compost.

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The president of Agglo du Cotentin confirms this For now, this will not adjust the household waste tax. But we must ask ourselves the question because practices are not the same across the territory in terms of taxes, fees and rates.


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