Jason Derulo's hands were tied after an altercation with two men who called him an eyebrow

A mistake would cost them dearly. Jason Derulo was photographed on Tuesday beating up two men allegedly believed to be another rapper, Usher, at a Las Vegas hotel.

The fight was filmed and posted on social media. According to the information received from TMZPolice were called to the hotel early Tuesday morning in a brawl between three men. Witnesses told US media that Jason Derulo and two people passed each other on an escalator, and that the latter would have stopped the rapper by shouting “Hey, Usher!” Damn you ***! It’s not clear if the two actually mistook Jason Derulo for Usher, or if they sought to provoke the rapper.

Either way, Jason Derulo swept into a frenzy, arresting the two men and allegedly punching one in the face and slapping the other. The security services had to intervene to separate them.

In a video posted by an amateur on Instagram and transmitted Sixth page, we see the interpreter of “Talk Dirty” and “Whatcha Say” escorted by the officers, handcuffed.

It is not yet known if the police have charged him. According to the American media, the two men are believed to have facial injuries, but they were not hospitalized and did not file a complaint.

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