His childhood in Breton, Thiéfaine’s influence, his refined prose…first as a guitarist for others, the musician came to sing late in his life. His seventh album “Vision of Tambour” made him a lead author.

Self-taught guitarist, acclaimed guitarist, and acclaimed companion, Bertrand Belen became a singer late in life, at the age of thirty-five, with his debut album in 2005 as “Act [t] appear [s] are tentacles”, He said. Yet one author revealed himself there, already at a wise distance from the world, influenced as much by Hubert-Félix Théven’s mystical prose as by Charles Trinier’s verbal sway. Over time, his musical personality has established itself further, making him a natural heir to the shadows and lights of Alan Pashong, who shares his earnest timbre and careless flow, as well as some personality flaws that he worries about. .

A childhood in abject poverty in Quiberon, he escaped at the age of eighteen to join the life of a musician in the service of others. At first the Cajun music group, another rock band – Sons of the Desert, the British they have long admired – the young Bénabar on tour … always behind the guitar, as on this spring morning in the Studio de Montreuil, where he greeted us.

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