Stefan Henon at Fort Boyard: Unexpected confidence about his participation

Despite its reputation for amazing events, Fort Boyard doesn’t seem to have made much of an impact on Stéphane Henon. In the columns of the Télé-Loisirs, stubborn Lieutenant Jean-Paul Buhier of the Plus series belle la vie asserted that he had no phobia to conquer during his first engagement, yet saluted the courage of his teammates.

Fort Boyard has been welcoming candidates for over thirty years to compete for a good cause in the massive and frightening events that France Télévisions teams have imagined. Each participant also finds his account and usually faces a phobia that he will have to face brilliantly at the risk of punishing his team. Thus, Nabila had to face dangerous creatures while veteran Elodie Joswin took the lead with the encouragement of her colleagues. This Saturday, July 24, it’s Stefan Henon’s turn To get to know the plants and animals of the castle for the first timeAlong with his partner Lea Francois, actors Julien Aruti, Maurice Barthelemy, Monsieur Boulbe as well as first runner-up in the Miss France April Benaume competition

I didn’t even hide

in a Télé-Loisirs . Columns, interpreter Lieutenant Jean-Paul Boeher stated that he had a good time with his playmates: “ It really was a blast. If I have to do it again, it makes me very happy. With Maurice Bartelli, Julian Arruti and Mr. Bowlby, we laughed really, really hard! This show is so funny you will see… However, viewers of the show are unlikely to see him lose these means…

Sasha Tarantovich’s companion has already confirmed that he has no phobia to contend with, much to the dismay of the production: “ I didn’t know when I arrived if I was going to be afraid of something but I had already touched the snakes, and I don’t have vertigo… No, I don’t really have any phobias » He explains, I am not a good customer for them, unlike those who are afraid of spiders or howl ! Moreover, in our team, some have overcome their fears, including Lea Francois. I thought it was great! The real mind of steel!

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