Video 8:30 Sunday evening: Valerie Lemercier tells an unexpected story about Jacques Villieres

This Sunday, April 18th, Valerie Lemercier was a guest on Thomas Soto, on the program at 8:30 pm on Sunday. Coming to promote her movie, Aline, a biography dedicated to Celine Dion, the actress captivated in an amazing anecdote about Jacques Villieres. An actress who was very fond of her.

This Sunday April 18th Laurent Delahouse left his place for Thomas Soto to deliver the traditional show 8:30 pm on SundayBroadcast on France 2. And that evening, he welcomed JT presenter Valerie Lemercier, who had come to promote his movie AllenAnd the Biography dedicated to Celine Dion, scheduled for release on November 10. Actress-turned-comedian and director provided many details about her On her interpretation as well as the happiness she felt while filming : “It might be a big movie that sounds heavy, but in reality it might be the lightest thing I could do, despite the workload. There was an air of joy we would say (…) We were happy the whole time. I think it was Celine’s lifeline that passed from Through usThen, the actress announced.

“I’ve never seen someone so shy before.”

And although this person has an important profession, both in humor and in cinema, Valerie Lemercier also admits to shyness. “I find it very difficult to sing my songs, and I find it easier to sing others’ songs”, You begin to declare. “Out of modesty? You’re shy, aren’t you?” Thomas Soto asked him. And the actress spells out her words best Somewhat surprising tale of pathological shyness, of a great actor, whom she was very fond of : Jacques Villieres. “Yes, but really I knew I had a great passion for Jack Villeret who was no longer out of this world, but I had never seen a person so shy. In the restaurant, he didn’t dare to go to the bathroom so that I wouldn’t look at him. Who make the scene, who dare the craziest thing and who are shy in life. I, for example, to leave my house and meet new people, it hurts a little bit ”. Paradox for This great actress is multi-talented.

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