Video Message: Sophie Davant is upset by the surprise of a guest

On Saturday May 29, 2021, Sophie Davant hosted La Lettre, broadcast on France 2, and the host experienced wonderful moments of passion, which sometimes left a few tears in her face to run away.

Heartbreaking show. On Saturday May 29, 2021, Sophie Davant presented a new issue of the messageIn France 2. around the clock, Surprises followed each other causing more and more feelings Among the guests and their relatives, but also among the audience. From the beginning of this beautiful evening, Kevin set the tone by suggesting him to his partnerMargo. A father of three had written a letter to Amir, his companion admiring it. Impressed by the sacrifices the young mother makes daily, Kevin wanted to make this moment out of the ordinary. For the occasion, a prince gave his blow, soundPartially rewritten to tell the love story of Kevin and Margo. By discovering it, Margaux couldn’t hold back her tears, just like netizens. “I cried and it wasn’t overI’m tired of easy crying, double emotion, this symptom is very touching,I’m crying alreadyCan we read among the many tweets posted about the show?

Sophie Davant was touched by a testimony of love

Shortly thereafter, on this same exceptional evening, It was Usen who wanted to surprise her mother, Isabel. After her parents’ divorce, the teenage girl moved away from her mother, who was suffering from cancer. With his message he wrote to Kendji Girac, his daughter wanted him Show admiration for overcoming illness But I also apologize to him for his harshness. A fan of Kenji, the teenager’s mother was lucky to discover him while he was just performing it Mama’s eyes.

Present by his side, Sophie Davant couldn’t hold back her tears. The host – who has hosted for seven years It is a storyShe was overwhelmed by this testimony of love that a daughter gave to her mother … Sophie Davant is herself a mother of two, born from her union with Pierre Slade: Valentine was born in 1995 and Nicholas was born in 1997. His affection affected netizens:Sophie is more touched than mother, “” Sophie Davant criesSome wrote, while another user noted at the end of the program that the host has been touched upon on several occasions:Sophie Davant had tears in her eyes throughout the show.

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