Juliette Armanet, Julien Clerc... Quels artistes participent à «La grande fête du Téléthon» sur France 2?

The program presented by Sophie Davant and Nagy brings together artists from several generations on Saturday at 9:05 pm to encourage the French to donate to medical research.

Through reports and testimonials, the goal is to highlight scientific developments and encourage the French to increase their donations for the next year. Soprano is the godfather and says he’s proud of it. From Friday through Saturday evening, the Telethon was in full swing, with Sophie Davant, Nagy, and Cyril Ferro on show. The Big Telethon Festival, on Saturday 4 December at 9:05 pm in France 2, concludes the event. The sopranos there will evoke the direct hours before it, from Thionville to Nîmes.

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You will also welcome past sponsors of the event, Pascal Obispo And Julian Clerc. Confirmed the first, who recently suffered from malaise “Do everything to be present”. He was the event sponsor in 2018. He was the second speaker ten years ago. During the show, the singer especially forgot his words, because of the tension that he himself could not explain. The audience gladly forgave him.

Gerard Lenormann And Danny Bryant Also expected. among the younger generation, zazz, who auctioned off her touring dresses in 2018, is back this year with Juliette Armani, who released a disco album in November titled burn the fire . will win, who will represent France in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and trio, a veteran group founded in 1995, is also among the guests.

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