200 artillery strikes from North Korea, and Seoul evacuates two islands

there North Korea fired about 200 artillery shells into the waters off its western coast. This was reported by the South Korean military, which announced – according to Yonhap – that it had discovered the activity between 9 and 11 a.m. local time. For Seoul's military, this is a “provocation.”

Spokesman Colonel Lee Sung Joon said: “Full responsibility for such situations that lead to the escalation of the crisis lies with North Korea. We strongly demand that this be stopped immediately.” “In close coordination between South Korea and the United States, our military is tracking and monitoring activities,” he added. Furthermore, “measures consistent with North Korea’s provocations” were announced..

As a precaution, Yonhap reported. The civilian population of Yeonpyeong and Baengneung islands has been ordered to remain safe.

Kim is considering a “military confrontation” with the enemy

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un insists on strengthening Pyongyang's “deterrence power” with the aim of “military confrontation”, and does so during a visit to a weapons factory. North Korea's Central News Agency reported this, without specifying the date of the visit or the location of the factory. South Korean media also highlighted this. Kim ordered measures to boost TEL's production capacity (launcher transport elevator for transporting and launching missiles).

According to the Korean Central News Agency, “In light of the current dangerous situation, which requires that the country be strongly prepared for a military confrontation with the enemy,” Kim “referred to the tasks assigned to the factory.”

Kim was accompanied during the visit by his daughter, Jo-Ae, who – according to South Korean intelligence – is the “most likely” heir to the throne.

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