Sonia Mabrook flies Sandrin Rousseau, presidential candidate, lives in Europe 1

Atmosphere on Europe Radio 1. This Wednesday, September 1, Sonia Mabrook threw a cold Chandrin Rousseau live.

Led by Political Interview on European Radio 1, Sonia Mabrook Welcome Sandrin Rousseau On his show, it aired Wednesday morning, September 1st. Opportunity to trigger it His race to racelysée. Because, in fact, the economist is the main candidate of the environmental activist for the upcoming presidential election in 2022. And she lost many beliefs in her beliefs or in her view of feminism. But the interview was over An icy note.

Before bowing, the presidential candidate wanted to send a message to the teams in Europe. More precisely, “A thought for writing The one who suffered the most this summer And outgoing journalists.“It simply came to our notice then Sonia Mabrook, Because she did not hesitate to blow the politician’s nose. “Yes definitely“, She began,”And you are Great freedom of the oppressed, Thank you for saying so in Europe 1 this morning.“Exit without cooling, witnessed by the face of the host, closed. However, there is still a need to disrupt. Sandrin Rousseau : His smile was unmoving.

A media uprising

Sandrin Rousseau He followed the news closely despite being on vacation. This summer, Europe 1 was really hit by departures. Media bleeding Including the publications of many radio personalities such as Bertrand Zamorak, Wendy Bouchard, Anne Rumanoff, Patrick Cohen, Emily Masoyer, Jimmy Mohammed, Haley Mannarino, Nicholas Candelab or Michael Dormon.

But why so many departures? The answer is simple. Many personalities would have wanted to leave the ship when Vincent Pollore was there Became the majority partner Lagardère Group, Owner of Europe 1. As a result, a bridge emerges between radio and CNews. It is, without any internal contact. Comment from Sandrin Rousseau That would have been embarrassing Sonia Mabrook ?

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