Are dishwasher detergents expensive?  Create it at home by cutting the cost in half: it’s very simple

Do you think dishwasher detergents are expensive in the supermarket? Here is the simple recipe to prepare it at home.

Recently, the prices of products found in the supermarket have continued to rise and thus shopping seems more expensive even when buying few things.

Here is the recipe for making detergents at home –

Even household products are becoming more expensive, and dishwasher detergent in particular is a big expense. If you want to be able to Save a little on this product At the same time, using the natural alternative, which contains the least number of chemicals that can harm the environment, you can prepare dish detergent directly from home, Following a very simple recipe It is affordable, allowing you to get excellent results, even better than those that can be obtained with supermarket detergents.

A cleaner you can make yourself at home: here is the recipe for preparing it

Dish soap is The basic product for washingBecause it allows you to dissolve and remove all food residues, such as oils and fats, which water alone would not be able to get rid of in the same way.

Dishwasher cleaning medication
This recipe only needs three ingredients –

At the same time, it allows you to clean the dishes without having to scrub hard and leaves them shiny and fragrant. The recipe for making detergent at home comes straight from our @Instagram pagefrancescosacommandia user who offers suggestions and tricks to better organize your kitchen.

To prepare this cleaner, you will need baking soda, citric acid, and dish soap. You start by taking 150 grams of bicarbonate We put it in a tray and then add it 40 grams of citric acidWhich can be easily found in the supermarket, and finally we should add A small amount of dish soap. These three components must be mixed in such a way as to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

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Then you have to take it Ice cube mold Then we pour the mixture into it, then press it in a way that does not leave bubbles or empty spaces. You will then need to put everything away Place in the refrigerator for about an hour When this time has passed, you can remove the mold and place the capsules Inside an airtight container. At this point they will be ready to be used for washing dishes.


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