Samir Nasri made use of ‘The Big 5’ on Channel + to go back to his time at Manchester City in early 2010. By detailing his conflicting relationship with Roberto Mancini.

Raw certificate. Without filter or wooden tongue. Samir Nasri spoke in detail about his time in Manchester City during the “Big Five” show, which is broadcast on Channel +. The former midfielder has shouldered his shoulders with Roberto Mancini for nearly two seasons with Sky Blue (2011-2013). The relationship was particularly tense between the French international and the Italian coach. So much so that it turns directly into a clash.

“With four days left until the end of the tournament, we play Wolverhampton, Nasri says. I’m on his side and he’s just talking about the whole match. In the first half, I turned around and said, ‘Stop talking. I’m not PlayStation. If you’re not happy, take me out and you in.'” Someone else. But stop talking to me!” Comes the ball, he says to you: Control, don’t dribble, don’t.

“If he talks badly to me, I throw the spike at him.”

“We’re back in the locker room at half the time. I had prepared myself, I had taken off my straps. There was Yaya Toure next to me. I told him: Yaya, if he speaks badly to me, I’m throwing a spike in his face!” Because he used to be disrespectful And talk badly with the players. “No, he won’t tell you anything,” Yaya told me. I said, “I’m definitely going out. How did you talk to him, I’m definitely going out.” But the coach didn’t tell me anything, I came back in the second half and scored a goal. We won 2-0 and when I score I still give a little cue (puts his finger over his mouth, editor’s note).”

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After the meeting, Mancini comes to tell Nasri a word. “When we got to the training center, I went down the stairs, he was behind me and he gently kicked me in the butt, explained the Marseille native, who hung his sorrows last summer. He says: ‘Tomorrow, we will discuss’ I answered: ‘Yes, no problem.’ I came to train the next day. We have a meeting of at least 45 minutes in his office. He explains to me that if I want to become a great player I have to listen to him and if I just want to be a good player I do what I do. Because he knows football well, he seems to be better than anyone. Else. Say nothing, I let him speak.”

He insulted him by all names.

The following week, City prepared a crucial derby match against United. The situation spirals out of control during the tactical setup. “Mancini told me to defend a certain way, and David Platt, his deputy, tells me to do otherwise, Nasri, now 34, recalls. I listen to David Platt and Mancini starts talking to me.” An insult in Italian but I understand his insults. So He insulted him too. He tells me, “Get out of training. I take off my apron, throw it away and get out. Don’t come home. I’m waiting because I have to talk to him, that’s a lot.”

Furious, the midfielder waits a long time, before he goes in search of his coach in the halls of the training center. Determined to explain himself: “I’m going to his office but he’s not there. The master was sitting in the weight room. I had a dislike. I went to see him and said, ‘Come on, let’s talk.’ He said to me, ‘No, we won’t talk.’ I am upset, you are upset, there is nothing good that will come of this discussion.” He was not wrong. I told him, “No, no, get up and come.” He got up and tried to take me by the arm. I removed his arm and told him, “I am not Mario (Balotelli). Me, ’cause Ben It was normal. We go into the locker room and he starts screaming and me too. He insults him by all names. These kids were playing in reserve and sometimes they came to train with us. I told him: Your kids, I’m going to pick them up in the parking lot. back home. Patrick (Viera) was playing the ambassador role at the club. He said, ‘I told you, don’t talk to him, he’s crazy.’

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He gives me half of what I paid and gets on the plane.

Despite this manly clash, Nasri continues to play thanks to the intervention of Khaldoon Al Mubarak, the club president: “When I come back, there is a squad and I am on the bench against United. Hatred … the president is from Abu Dhabi, he said to me: How are you? He said in front of Mancini: “If he’s in good shape, we’ll be victorious this weekend” yeah (throwing his arms in the sky, editor’s note).

“After United, we play in Newcastle, he continues. We won but I saved the blow. We didn’t really talk to the coach so I called his assistant and said, ‘I’m going to Paris to see my greatness.'” He said to me, “Go and look at the coach, it’s okay, make peace,” I said to him, “No,” I have to get on a plane, the manager of Mancini called me and said: What time is your plane? So I said to him: Tomorrow morning, he said to me: Ok, can the coach board the plane with you? I told him: “No, he will not board with me,” and he said to me: “Come on, come on. He wants to take the plane, then go to Milan.” I said: “He gives half of what I paid and gets on the plane. “The next day he came. He gave me my pennies. We were sitting face to face. For forty minutes there was a emptiness, we didn’t say a word to each other. Finally, the physiotherapist made a joke to start the discussion. And we made peace.”

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He told me he preferred honest people.

So much so that he ended up appreciating over time: “We spent season after season together. And when he came back to Inter, he called me. When he went to Zenith, he tried to get me back. He called. Yes because at the end of the season with City, a lot of players went to Management to complain about him. And I told him that to his face. And when management came, I said I don’t have any problem with him. He liked it and told me he preferred honest people over scammers. Since that day we have always been on good terms with Nikhil.”


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