Michelle Santoro was no longer holding back: “What the hell do you want?”, assaulting Meloni

“The biggest lie of all is the prime minister,” said Michele Santoro, a guest on the Di Tuesday program on La 7. When Giovanni Flores asked about constitutional reform for the center right, the journalist could not hold back and said: “At a moment like this – Santoro wonders – why should You have to deal with it now that the maneuver has begun? Do you want to make us understand this economic situation that we are in?”

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Journalist from Campania River Flood: “You have deflated this discussion about the Prime Minister, about the person directly elected by the citizens, as if Meloni has no power – and you ask the Prime Minister directly – sorry but what the hell do you want? You are there alone “The opposition cannot even tickle you, and you have an absolute majority in Parliament. You cannot make a racket and what do you want to do? Do you want to fix everything?”

Now the Santoro train has left and no longer wants to stop. “Parliament has been completely excluded from discussing the economic measure – says the host – from what I read in the newspapers, and we may not even have it at all.” And finally, another scathing attack on Meloni: “I give him 6 and a half as Prime Minister, 7 in English, 8 in Italian for his personality, he’s very attractive and then – now Santoro is angry – what the hell does someone do with Meloni?” You have to explain that to me.”

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