Israel participates with 12 ministers in a conference on the settlement of Gaza – breaking news

Thousands of religious nationalists gathered in Jerusalem to participate in a conference on Jewish colonization in Gaza: a demonstration that, according to settler radio Channel 7, will be attended by 12 ministers – including Likud ministers Miki Zohar, Haim Katz and May. Golan – and 15 of 120 representatives. “Gaza – as one speaker said – is part of the Land of Israel.

“Where the Jewish plow digs its furrow, there our borders pass.” On the podium is a large map showing the Jewish settlements that Ariel Sharon removed from Gaza in 2005 and those that the nationalists now want to build.

In his speech, National Security Minister (and leader of the far-right Jewish Power party) Itamar Ben Gvir expressed his support for the “voluntary migration” of Palestinians from Gaza. “We have to encourage them to leave here,” he said to applause from the audience. He added: “We must – he added – return to Gush Katif (the Jewish settlement area in the southern Gaza Strip vacated by Sharon, editor) and to the northern West Bank.

He explained that we must do this, because this is the Torah, this is morality, this is historical justice, and this is what must be done.

The conference will be attended by, among others, Rabbis Dov Lior and Eliakim Levanon, two historical leaders of the settlement movement.

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