“If Omicron breaks the vaccine, we face a second pandemic,” the alarm

Variant Omicron continues its march and one by one, European countries “close” before birthday. since yesterday ,Holland back in full closure, in a Ireland Founded in ban at 20 andAustria feet Quarantine not vax on holidays. in a Great Britain Infections exceeded 90,000 per day, which prompted the government to increase the number of infections Restrictions on arrivals from abroad.

Even the alleged fear is scary Omicron’s ability to evade vaccines. In this context comes the warning of knowledge: «If Omicron breaks the vaccine, we face a new virus». Let’s get into the details.

Is the Omicron variant a new virus? vertical position

Guido Rasi The Director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and today is an advisor to the Covid Emergency Commissioner Francesco Paolo Vigliolo – In an interview with another half hour he said: «If the Omicron variant completely penetrated the vaccine, it would practically be another virus and would be a pandemic B».

The former EMA Director continues: “Based on a British study we know that two doses vaccine make Protection between 20 and 50% of symptoms of the disease, while the three doses Protect from 50% to 70%. It is still not clear what protection it will be from infection, that is, from transmission. We hope that the sequence will increase in Italy to better manage the situation».

Rasi also talked about the possibility full closure In Italy: “Before reaching closure in the strict sense of the word, the rules to follow are definitely outdoor masks, to avoid gatherings e spacing. Finally, there is the beginning of the culture of managing the flow of people in the streets».

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Then call to third dose. «Current measurements must be kept in a delta variable – My head is done. There was an acceleration with the third potions, the delta is under acceptable control, but Omicron can completely clear cards».

Omicron variant, the position of other experts

to launchOmicron . alarmAs well as the White House adviser, Anthony Fauci, according toThe South African variant has the ability unusual spread».

L ‘World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the significant infection of Omicron: “The number of infections doubles in less than three days, and data is still not available on the severity of the disease».

Finally, a warning from the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Gebresus: « Omicron was born out of inequality in vaccination among the countries of the world The virus has mutated where it can spread freely and where vaccines are not widely available».


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