Cristiano Ronaldo: His Bugatti Veyron crashes in Mallorca (photo)

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bugatti Veyron, who is currently on family vacation in Mallorca, was hit by a gunshot wound in the municipality of Punyola on Monday morning. The Portuguese striker did not drive the car.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s vacation has taken a bad turn. Currently on the island of Majorca, he rents a luxury mansion to rest with his partner Giorgina Rodriguez, the Portuguese star who found his 2.1 million euro worth of Bugatti Veyron injured, this Monday, finally. morning. But the Manchester United player did not drive.

The driver was hired five times by Balon d’Or. He was responsible for moving the 900-horsepower racing car, which lost control of the car on a quiet road around 11 a.m. before colliding with the wall of a property in the municipality of Punyola. A nearby butane bottle shop was also damaged.

If the front of the vehicle is particularly damaged, it should be further assessed to determine the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs, as no one was injured in the crash. And Cristiano Ronaldo and his family will never end their vacation on foot. Five times the Ballon d’Or brought his Bugatti Veyron and his exclusive Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV from Manchester by his partner for his 35th birthday, so it will be used until the end of their stay.


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