China wolves dig a tunnel in the snow: photos

A video filmed with a drone in China has gone viral on the Internet A group of wolves in a row, intent on digging a tunnel in the deep snow to cross an enormous area. The pictures that were photographed and published on the Internet show the harsh living conditions of some species of wild animals Hard survival during the winter period. This walk through snow tunnels represents a natural behavior that allows the wolf pack to conserve energy and face the special challenges imposed by nature.

China, a pack of wolves digging a tunnel in the snow

The video was filmed with the help of a drone in the Uyghur Autonomous Region Xinjiang, in northeastern China. In the photos that later spread on the Internet, we can see how the wolves, while digging a tunnel to cross the snow expanse, noticed The presence of the drone behind them And they continue to do so turn around From time to time in the direction of the flying object unknown to them, so that the situation remains under their control.

The ability of wolves to survive the hardships of winter

We notice the ability of the wolf pack to make its way by digging a tunnel through the snow with great dexterity. An example of the extraordinary willpower on the part of these animals and how they adapt to the adverse conditions they find on their way to survive.

We also notice in the video that the wolves at a certain point accelerate in speed, perhaps because of this Deranged Through the presence of the drone and the noise these flying objects typically produce.

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