Loïc Duval, entered the Rallye du Var:

“Tell us about your discovery of the rally. How did you shake up the poll and the jolt before the start of your first road event on Friday?
I had to recognize having someone talking to me all the time next to me in the car, with my driving assistant Gwenola Marie declaring me notes. It makes me very funny because by nature I am not very talkative while driving, even on the radio when racing on the track; I love being in my universe. The first reconnaissance lane was a find for observing the angles on the steering wheel while watching the mirrors with other normal pilots passing you right and left! Then we put more tempo on the second pass and despite all of Guinola’s experience, the notes I took in my own words weren’t necessarily right and she had to correct them. Poverty! I left a whole eraser in there! But in general it went well.

“It’s going really well fast enough for me!” “

Loic Duval, driver of the Peugeot 208 Rally4 Coupe

Wasn’t adapting to the terrain so complicated?
There are ticking sections that suit me best with rhythm, and a series of turns on clean, somewhat flat asphalt. But there are two or three in the middle of the trees and valleys, with lots of bumps and damaged paint and dirt clearly jumping out of me! As for the shaking, I did not recognize the course in turn, it began to rain after returning to service! But to give you an idea, my last best time was, at night and under water, faster than the first, during the day and in the dry. This is to tell you about the area of ​​improvement that I still have to fill in!

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What is the most confusing?
I’m in a car behind the wheel but it’s not the same job at all! Suddenly, I also find myself taking responsibility for having someone next to me in the car. This is a parameter I would never have imagined. This is my first rally, I’m not in myself and I don’t yet feel at the level but in the track, if I go off the track it’s going to hurt my teammates, the mechanics and all the people out there. team but at least I’m alone in the car. The goal is not to run a high-performance rally against the professionals, but rather to discover another form of motorsport from the inside that I deeply respect. The 208 R4 is well developed and easy to drive; It might seem weak compared to the more powerful cars I’m used to but in the end, things go really fast for me in this environment! “


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