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(ANSA) – LONDON, July 5 – In the UK, Boris Johnson’s government is collapsing, mired in the Pincher scandal: two ministers are leaving. After the chief of health, Sajid Javid, resigned, Treasurer Rishi Sunak, the de facto second-in-command on the conservative team and in charge of economic policy, resigned. And so the resentment explodes after accusations against the prime minister of lying about the past of Chris Pincher, the loyalist who was forced to resign as Whip’s deputy chief last week because he molested two men at a club frequented by the Conservative Party, including a colleague. deputy. The prime minister’s attempt to justify himself by saying he had initially forgotten that he was aware of suspicions about similar episodes over two years ago, prior to promoting Pincher, did not convince his healthcare owner, Sajid Javid, who resigned, saying he was no longer around. Able to “conscientiously serve in this government.” Sunak also announced his decision soon. (Dealing).

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