Constitution referendum in Chile, “No” wins by more than 55% – last minute

For the second time in two years, Chileans refuse to adopt a new constitution. The “No” vote in the referendum won with more than 55% of the votes. Therefore, Chile maintains the constitution that was drawn up during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. After the failed referendum in September 2022 – when the population rejected the proposal drawn up by the Constitutional Convention with a progressive majority of 61.9% of the votes – Chileans also decreed that the charter proposal drawn up by the Constitutional Council would fail by an overwhelming majority. Right-wing majority.

The vote concludes a turbulent 1,500-day period in Chile’s modern history, and as all political forces in the country have already announced, there will be no new founding process.

The Yes Committee immediately admitted defeat. When the vote count had not yet reached a third of the divisions, a senator from the Independent Democratic Union, Javier Macaya, stated in a short statement that “Chileans are tired of discussing the constitutional process. The discourse has closed. Everyone wants to move beyond this stage and devote ourselves to the needs of the population. Let us sleep in peace.” Instead, the “Yes” Committee waited for the final results to express themselves. “The people have made their position clear,” said the head of the Socialist Party, Polina Vodanovic, in a press release. “There will be no new constitutional process,” he concluded. Starting tomorrow we will work to align the real Chilean agenda with political activity, providing answers to basic needs: security, health, work and pensions.”

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