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Marseille (AFP) – Leonie Khalis presents Le’s first European Cup in its history: Test author and presenter on All the Good Moves Friday in Marseille against Toulon (30-12), Scrum Half Baptiste Quillud was one of the great architects to win the European Challenge.

The match hadn’t even started a minute ago when Gon actually raised his arms. After the full axle kick from Charlie Ngatai, he has already recovered and leveled between the two posts. But the referee called off the audition after referring to the video and Couilloud’s show was a bit delayed.

Because Lyonnais N.9, a small form of barely 1.75 m, then scored for good, after a fine interception by his captain Jordan Tauvoa on a dangerous pass from Sergio Baresi. The turnaround experienced by Leo Purdue’s opening half, also flawless on Friday, put Lyon in the right direction (7-0, 8).

Just before the break, Queilwood was once again able to do a team job by quickly playing a penalty kick. Advancing forward, he sailed into the defense of Toulon, slowed down for a while and then accelerated again to serve Davit Nyashvili. But a piece of Lyon winger’s boot touched the very narrow finish line at the Velodrome and the attempt was rejected again.

In the second period, Lou’s N.9 was lower in light. But despite a little extravagance, in his hands and feet, he continued to guide his people, always forward and toward success.

Baptiste Queilwood (No. 9) and teammate Joel Capucault celebrate after their victory over Toulon in the European Challenge Final in Marseille, May 27, 2022 Pascal Guit FB

He was also the first to fall into the arms of Pierre-Louis Brassy in the break test (22-7, 48) and congratulated his attackers after an important highlight win over Toulon.

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Footballer’s father, rugby player’s brother

In the final quarter of the hour, while his team struggled and some of his team-mates looked exhausted, he also called for the support of Lyon’s supporters, a staunch minority in the Stade Velodrome stands who have suddenly made themselves heard.

It must be said that Queilwood is a real Lyonnais, born in the city and trained in the club. Lyon City Football? At Couillods, not quite. The father played football for sure, up to the third division, but in rugby his two sons thrived.

Baptiste and Barnaby are already two members of the N.9s and have faced each other for the first time this season in the top 14, little brother now playing at Biarritz.

At the age of 24, Baptiste with this European challenge presented an impressive reward to his club for life, which is still fighting for the top six in the league.

Lyon's monument keeper Baptiste Quelod shoots the ball during the match against Toulon in Marseille, May 27, 2022
Lyon’s monument keeper Baptiste Quelod shoots the ball during the match against Toulon in Marseille, May 27, 2022 Pascal Guit FB

“We are better in the fisherman’s place,” he told AFP ten days ago, when Lyon was very far from being a candidate against Toloni, in good shape.

He didn’t lie because rumors didn’t lie that Lyon (8 picks), the third half of the France group during the 2022 Grand Slam, had celebrated it with a jump in the Seine.

“Yes, that’s right. I went to taste the waters of the Seine,” he told AFP. To celebrate the European challenge, the Huveaune, the “river” that borders the Stade Vélodrome, is in danger of running out of water. But he may have planned to hop into the old port or better, at Saône or Rhône on his return home, at Lyon.

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